Gallasia Meg 11 Wall Faced Pan


Galassia presents DREAM, a complete project for the bathroom decoration inspired to sanitary wares iconic shapes, redesigned with a contemporary spirit and the quality of Galassia Ceramic.‎Easy shapes with architectural volumes showing soft and non-trivial lines reminding us of a desire of simplicity and clarity aimed to define the use of a space always more and more important in contemporary life: the bathroom.‎The project Dream has been developed by Antonio Pascale with the expressive wish to propose a “total-look” for the bathroom; laid-on and wall-hung washbasins available in various models and dimensions; wall-hung and standing sanitary wares as well as multifunctional electronic seat-covers by soft closing device and many other.‎Galassia is a company with a long-lasting tradition in sanitary wares; founded in Civita Castellana district, a place with a wide history for all what concerns ceramic production since ancient times; times were the “bath” was as a cult, a ritual.‎ Galassia treasured such experience from ancient peoples and mingled together tradition and production, transforming the ritual of the bath in experience, functionality, harmony in shapes and unique design together with quality of the materials and technologies of production.‎

  • W.c. with floor/wall draining, adjustable by elbow/wall pipe. Fixing kit included.
  • Dual flush (3/6 - 3/7 lt) in-wall cistern, with control plate
  • Dimensions: 56x36xh44 cm
  • Code 18204 white plate
  • Code 18204CR chrome plate

Certified with AU/NZ Standards License 1551 Reg. number L05069
Certified with European Standards
UF Seat Toilet
Soft Close
Easy Clean
Easy Install