Baden 1500MM

more ITEM NO: ВВ2572

Baden 1700MM

more ITEM NO: ВВ2772


more ITEM NO: BB32

ALLY 1500mm

more ITEM NO: BB9572

ALLY 1700mm

more ITEM NO: BB9778

ALTO 1500mm

more ITEM NO: BB52-1500

ALTO 1700mm

more ITEM NO: BB52-1700

AVEO 1700mm

more ITEM NO: BB1740


more ITEM NO: BB26161

PALERMO 1650mm

more ITEM NO: BB1618

PALERMO 1750mm

more ITEM NO: BB1718

Pietraluce® Bathtub

more ITEM NO: 5418


more ITEM NO: BB32

Romano 1500 mm

more ITEM NO: ВВ15-1500

Romano 1700 mm

more ITEM NO: ВВ15-1700

Rejuvenate, relax and de-Stress yourself with a superior level bathing experience. Our exotic and stylish freestanding bathtubs offers you maximum comfort and lets you relax in the most optimum way. Forget the daily hassles and challenges while you bathe in these elegant and chic freestanding bathtubs. A freestanding bathtub is an ideal choice for those looking out for compact and sleek bathroom fixtures. It is one of the most used bathroom fixtures and therefore one must choose it carefully. One should consider all the factors such as size, shape, cost, brand etc. while purchasing a Freestanding Bathtub.
Widest Range of Bathtubs
BelBagno offers an extensive range of bathtubs including:
1 : Freestanding Bathtubs
2 : Back-to-wall bathtubs
3 : Acrylic bathtubs
4 : Resin Stone bathtubs
We have some of the best bathtubs in Sydney. Our range of freestanding bathtubs is ideal for all kinds of bathrooms. They fit seamless even if there is space constraint. One of the biggest advantages of Freestanding bathtubs is their flexibility. One can place a freestanding bathtub anywhere for your convenience. Our exquisite collection of freestanding bathtubs is sure to impress you with its grandeur and elegance.
All BelBagno acrylic bathtubs are made of 100% gloss white pure sanitary grade acrylic. BelBagno acrylic bathtubs have excellent thermal properties, they retain heat and are warm to the touch. Every bathtub features a multi-layer construction (fibreglass reinforced in 5 layers) to ensure strength and durability. They have a high weight capacity to allow more than one person to enjoy the bath together. Lightweight, yet rigid. Chips or scratches can be filled and repaired. Base frame- factory fitted, galvanised steel base support frame with adjustable legs. If required, tap holes can be drilled on site.
Add More Style to Your Bathroom
Give a distinctive look to your bathroom with our designer freestanding / back to wall bathtubs made of Resin Stone which are stylish and are sure to highlight your bathroom in the best possible way. Enhance the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom without spending too much by installing one of our Acrylic or Resin stone bathtubs available only at Belbagno. Our range of freestanding / back to wall bathtubs are available in a plethora of styles, colours, shapes, and materials. You can choose the desired one based on the décor of your bathroom and preferences.
Immerse yourself into a relaxing and comforting bubble bath in our luxurious freestanding bathtub.