The toilet is a vital element of your bathroom. It is one of the most widely used bathroom fixtures. However, often, we tend to ignore the aesthetic appearance and efficacy of the same. One must choose Toilet suites carefully to ensure they are consistent and does not wear off quickly. One should opt for toilet suites that match the overall theme and style of the bathroom. A toilet suite must enhance the look of your bathroom and add more value to it. Belbagno brings you a wide range of toilet suites that are a flawless combination of style, comfort, luxury and functionality. They are made from superior quality material and are sure to last for years. All BelBagno toilets are Rimless, which means that you won't have a bacteria build up on a pan; they are Nano Glazed, which helps to keep your toilet clean and bacteria free; they are certified according to AU standards; they have Geberit internals - all these features make your bathroom life easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, you are covered with 15Y Warranty with BelBagno toilets!
Efficient toilet system
We take pride in the variety of different types of toilet suites that we stock. We always strive to provide exceptional quality toilet suites and pans at the most affordable price. Our rimless back to wall toilets, as well as toilet suites and wall hung pans, are a great choice for all kinds of bathroom. They are sleek, compact, and great space savers. Rimless back to wall toilets give a contemporary touch to your bathroom. The rimless back to wall toilet pans helps you to maximise your bathroom space. You can conceal it to any stud wall. The rimless back to wall toilet is very easy to maintain. They give a flawless appearance to your bathroom. Back to wall toilet pans and toilet suites are ideal for commercial and residential spaces. Our bathroom suites feature innovative and state of the art technology.
Hygienic Solution for All Your Bathroom Needs
Belbagno offers you some of the most hygienic and easy to maintain rimless toilet suites. The special design of our toilets, such as back to wall toilet and special Rimless Technology ensures the water projects and covers all the areas of the pan. They are surely a fantastic addition to your modern bathroom. Rimless Nano Glaze toilets are available in different options, like back to wall pans, wall hung pans, toilet suites, and different shapes. You can choose the desired one to complement other fixtures and essentials in your bathroom. Belbagno is the pioneer bathroom supplier in Australia.

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