LED Shaving Cabinet 1200mm

more ITEM NO: SPC-3-1200-II

LED Shaving Cabinet 500mm

more ITEM NO: SPC-1-500

LED Shaving Cabinet 500mm

more ITEM NO: SPC-1-500-II

LED Shaving Cabinet 900mm

more ITEM NO: SPC-2-900-II

Mirror Cabinet ALEX-1510

more ITEM NO: ALEX-1510-SPC

Mirror Cabinet ALEX-760

more ITEM NO: ALEX-760-SPC

ZERO 1000x120x800

more ITEM NO: SPC-ZER-1000-CAL
Transform your bathroom, give it a designer look with our range of stylish, LED bathroom shaving cabinets in Sydney. Our bathroom shaving cabinets are great space savers. They help you organise all your toiletries and keep them in one place. Our ultra-stylish shaving cabinets are available in illuminated, recessed forms. Our LED mirror shaving cabinets are sure to add more value to your bathroom and enhance its appearance as well.
All BelBagno LED shaving cabinets feature motion sensor switchers, built-in power point, adjustable shelves, internal and external LED lights, handles for finger prints free experience – every little special thing is made for your comfort.
Belbagno strives to bring products that are classy, elegant and contemporary. We are dedicated to providing quality products to our valued customers at the most affordable prices.
Great Utility Value
Bathroom shaving cabinets are one of the greatest essentials of a modern bathroom. They are compact, sleek and have a great utility value. BelBagno LED shaving cabinets are made of Aluminum, which makes them look sleek and fabulous in any interior. They are versatile storage solutions. A bathroom shaving cabinet can be wall-mounted and saves a great space compared with a freestanding cabinet. It also offers great storage space. At Belbagno, we understand all the concerns of our customers and introduce products that are highly functional and have a great appearance too. Our products are a perfect combination of style and comfort.
Fashionable Fixture For Your Bathroom
A bathroom shaving cabinet is sure to enhance the entire look of the bathroom. It will give a contemporary touch to any bathroom. The bathroom shaving cabinets at Belbagno Sydney are sure to fit seamlessly in your bathroom and complement with your bathroom fixtures.
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