Soho 800MM

more ITEM NO: SOHO-SPC-800

Bath Mirror LED 1200x25x700

more ITEM NO: SPC-1200-700-LED

Bath Mirror LED 600x25x700

more ITEM NO: SPC-600-700-LED

Bath Mirror LED 800x25x800

more ITEM NO: SPC-SQ-800-800-LED

Bath Mirror LED 900x25x600

more ITEM NO: SPC-900-600-LED

Bucciano Mirror


Manhattan 600mm SPC-MAN-600

more ITEM NO: SPC-MAN-600

Manhattan 800mm SPC-MAN-800

more ITEM NO: SPC-MAN-800

SPC-QLINE-LED 580x900x25


Triangolo Bath Mirror LED 800x30x800

more ITEM NO: SPC-800-800-LED
Add an extra effect and give your bathroom a contemporary touch with the help of designer bathroom vanity LED mirrors. They are one of the vital elements of a bathroom. The vanity mirror helps you to enhance the look of your bathroom and create an illusion of a spacious bathroom. The extra light from the LED mirror can change the entire look of your bathroom and give it a designer feel. The ambient lighting in your bathroom is sure to add more luxury and comfort. Belbagno offers a wide range of innovative and exclusive bathroom vanity LED mirrors. Made from superior quality materials, these mirrors are perfect for those wanting to create a contemporary and super stylish bathroom.
Enhance your home
Hollywood style bathroom vanity mirrors with light-up features are sure to fascinate your guests and portray a distinct image in their minds. The LED mirrors are in vogue due to their sleek appearance and utility value. Belbagno helps you to change the entire look of your bathroom or vanity area with these exceptionally chic and stylish bathroom vanity mirrors. They will surely add more depth and create a perfect setting.
Wide Range of Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
Belbagno is proud of our extensive range of bathroom vanity mirrors at the most competitive prices. You can select from an array of sizes, colors, shapes and designs to suit the décor and theme of your bathroom. Change the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom with modern yet elegant bathroom vanity mirrors.
Belbagno also offers non-lit bathroom vanity mirrors. A bathroom mirror reflects the style and décor of the bathroom and therefore you need to take into consideration essential aspects such as:
1 : Bathroom Lighting: It should complement your bathroom lighting.
2 : Size Of The Bathroom: The bathroom vanity mirror should be neither too small nor large.
3 : Concept and Theme of The Bathroom: It should be in accord with the concept, décor, and theme of the bathroom.
4 : Its Aesthetic Value: It should enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.
Now let your bathroom reflect your unique style with our exclusive bathroom vanity LED mirrors.